ECOPROFIT: a win-win model

The basic idea of ECOPROFIT is to use integrated environmental technologies to economically  strengthen  businesses and simultaneously contribute to a more sustainable economic development. Enterprises cut their costs by investing into operational environmental protection. This leads to financial savings for companies and is a support for the local environment. ECOPROFIT follows an easy and standardized structure to achieve these goals:


The ECOPROFIT Academy is an extensive training programme and shows the ECOPROFIT methodology to future consultants and representatives of public authorithies. Within several workshops participants get familiar with the ECOPROFIT approach and improove consultation skills towards a wide range of topics like waste management, resource efficiency and energy management.

Individual consultation

During an ECOPROFIT basic programme, the know-how collected by the consultants within the ECOPROFIT acadamy is transferred to the companies. Consultants will conduct several onsite visits at the company sites and find, together with the companies, the best measures and support with their impmentation.

Certification and ECOPROFIT Club

The ECOPROFIT certification is the highlight and closing of successfully executed ECOPROFIT basic programme. The ECOPROFIT award is the merit to acknowledge the performances of the companies. After a succesful completion of ECOPROFIT programme, it is recommended going on with a follow up ECOPROFIT Club programme, where companies can continue their efforts towards more ressource efficiency and sustainability as well as profit from the ECOPROFIT network.